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We design, develop, code, build, maintain and market Your Digital Brand! Full Range Of Services – Best & affordable website design services, SEO Optimized, Responsive, User-friendly design, Enjoy Premium Support. Dedicated Team. Latest Technologies.

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We at MWD offers Static website design and development for any individuals, business, corporate etc. Static websites are simple, clean and within budget with only aim is to show customer services/product on internet. Static websites can be suitable for new business, established companies and business. Without further Delay, build your company Static website with MWD to get hold of all these benefits.

Take a Look at our Web design Services​

  • Static / Starter / Micro websites

  • Parallax Scrolling/ Onepage website / Landing page design

  • Website refresh / redesign

  • Website maintaince

  • Responsive websites

  • Conent managed websites / Dynamic / WordPress Websites / Blog

  • Page speed optimization

  • Freelance web design / Hire Web Developer

Static Website Design

Industries We serve

Healthcare, Medical and Fitness

We create static Websites for Doctors, Psychologists, and Community Health Programs service providers with intension to share dual information for their Patients.

Gym and Fitness

We build static websites for gym/fitness/sports to showcase their classes, packages and other services using leading industry standards.


Starter website concept introduce specially for who is newly entered into digital world and they want showcase their web presence on internet.

Salon & Beauty Clinics

Our tech team has expertise in make static websites for salon and beauty clinic to showcase their packages and services to customers.

Education & Learning

We build Simple, clean and easy to navigate websites to help starter Education institutions, tuition centers and personal tutors to enhance the abilities of student’s learning.

Other Websites

MWD also covers Telecom & Technology, Food & Restaurants, Travel & tourism, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Real Estate , Import export, Entertainment, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Static website

  1. Quick to Design, Develop and host
  2. Static website less chances to hack, malware, virus, errors and other issues.
  3. Static websites are search engine friendly and get catche faster than CMS websites.
  4. Loading fast
  5. Affordable and Cheap to host
  1. Requires much skills and expertise creating static websites.
  2. Less feature-rich and Dull look n feel because of less Functional.
  3. Non-technical person cannot manage websites by himself.
  4. It’s quite expensive if client want functionality on website.

Who we’re working with

Here at MWD, we have worked with companies in many sectors and are experienced in handling full projects. Below are just a few of the many brands we’ve made unmissable.
DTDC Chembur West


Quality work, prompt responses and fulfilment of commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

what is the difference between Static & Dynamic website?

Static Website

  • HTML
  • Web Specialist needed to edit
  • Suitable for 1-3 pages website
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Useful for short term only

Dynamic Website

  • Complex Coding
  • Content and design easily edited
  • Suitable for all types of websites
  • Costs more to develop
  • Beneficial for long term

Does Static Website Have Mysql Database?

No, In Static Website does not have Mysql Database or PHPmyadmin Options as it Doesnot Required in Static Websites.

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