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MWD a leading website development company, partnered with Smart Building Summit, a premier event in the smart building industry, to usher in a new era of digital presence. This case study delves into the strategic design and development processes that culminated in an enriched online experience for Smart Building Summit.

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Smart Building Summit Project Overview

Smart Building Summit, at the forefront of the smart building sector, recognized the pivotal role of a cutting-edge digital platform in amplifying its industry influence. The existing website faced challenges, including outdated design and limited interactive elements. MWD was entrusted with the task of elevating Smart Building Summit’s online presence through a comprehensive website redesign.


Services Provided

Under the skilled hands of MWD, the summit flourished, with a suite of services that shaped its digital presence:

Client Requirements

At MWD, our collaboration with Smart Building Summit  encapsulates more than a project it signifies a shared dedication to curating a digital space that echoes the innovation, professionalism, and visionary spirit of this groundbreaking event.

As we unravel the layers of this case study, witness how technology, creativity, and unwavering commitment merged to elevate the summit’s online presence, providing an immersive experience for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Join us on this journey where collaboration and dedication converge to redefine the landscape of smart building technology.

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Key Features & Funtionalites

Explore the distinctive features that make Smart Building Summit’s website, crafted by MWD, a robust and user-centric platform for seamless event experiences:

The website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that it is compatible and optimized for all devices. This user-centric approach enhances the browsing experience, allowing visitors to access the site effortlessly from any device, anywhere

This project is a unique design that we’ve crafted entirely from scratch. We wanted to ensure that the website had a personalized look that would distinguish it from others in the same industry.  To accomplish this, our team collaborated closely with Taycan team to grasp their brand identity and connect with their target audience.

Our team enhanced the website for search engines by using on-page SEO strategies and setting up SEO plugins for better results. This boosts the website’s visibility and enhances its search engine rankings, making it simpler for clients to discover Smart Building Summit when seeking residential and commercial properties.

The website features a user-friendly content management system (CMS) on WordPress, allowing Summit to effortlessly update and manage content. This functionality ensures the site remains current with the latest information, providing clients with accurate and relevant content at all times.

MWD created a user-friendly menu for easy navigation, ensuring visitors can quickly locate desired information. Positioned prominently on the website, the menu is easily accessible to users, enhancing their browsing experience.

Provides users with an interactive map to locate properties easily, enhancing the search experience.

We integrated the blog and social media channels directly into the website, making it easy for visitors to access the latest news and updates from the company.

With a custom website design, Smart Building Summit online presence stood out, offering a unique and memorable user experience. Our team at MWD created a fully customized website design, tailored specifically to meet  Summit unique requirements and branding.

We integrated Google Analytics and google search console into the website to index and track and analyze website traffic, visitor behavior, and other relevant metrics. The data collected helps the client to understand how their website is performing

The website was built on WordPress CMS, incorporating custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for distinct features. Additionally, we integrated various tech stacks and tools to amplify the website’s functionalities.

Technologies We Use

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