Install wordpress without investing money on domain and hosting

Install wordpress without investing money on domain and hosting

How to Install wordpress blog without investing money on domain and hosting Using WAMP

Initially, at learning stage of student, retired person or any other non-technical person who want to learn professionally before start blogging but don’t want to spend money on buying domain and hosting.

I know that domain and hosting lit bit costly, Per year need to keep at least Rs, 1000 for domain and Rs,3000 for hosting.  So …Don’t worry, here in this article I will share how to install wordpress without investing money on domain and hosting.

Ready…One, two, Three……Let’s start

How to Install WordPress locally – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial using WampServer

Note:  latest version giving of wamp giving error to solve that error need more technical information so Please download wampserver2.2d-x64

The first thing need to download and install wampserver on your computer.  Here, step by step guidance for How to install WAMP Server. After done with installing wamp server next step is download wordpress latest version installation package from download page. Steps as below

Step#1: URL: – and download zip file


wordpress package

Step#2: Click on wampserver icon and select www directory. And create folder name wordpress.

wordpress installation

Step#3: Add downloaded zip file to wordpress folder and extract it and delete zip file.

wordpress installation2

Step#4: First create database by selecting phpmyadmin option. I create “wordpress” database name.

wordpress installation phpmyadmin

Step#5: Select localhost option from WAMP icon in system tray. You will get list of folders name. Select folder where you added WordPress installation package. Example “wordpress folder”

wordpress installation3

Step#6: Select the language which you want. I select default “English” language. And Continue -> Let’s go

wordpress installation4

wordpress installation5

Step#7: Below you should enter your database connection details. Default username should be “Root” and password blank. Run the install.

wordpress installation6

wordpress installation7

Step#8: Add all information title, username and password. Email id also very important its help you later at the time of reset password. Tick on Discourage search engines if you don’t want to index page to early. Don’t worry, you can always change these settings later. Save username and password to your notepad for future use.

And install wordpress.

wordpress installation8

wordpress dashboard


Welcome to wordpress dashboard 🙂

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